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Swim 1

Swim 1 is one of two swims where a fully equipped wooden chalet is at your disposal (including hot water, electricity, white goods and bedding). The swim is also available without the chalet rental.

The daytime only use of the rowing boat is available for rent at this swim. Private boats are not permitted, however, the use of your own electric motor and echo sounder is authorised. The rowing boat must only be used for dropping lines and ground baiting.  Catching and landing fish must be done from lakeside.

The wearing of a life-jacket is obligatory.

Swim 1 is located in the south east corner of the lake. This is the deepest part of the lake, closest to the weir and with a maximum depth of 3.5 m. As with all our swims, swim 1 can easily accommodate 2 anglers. A pic-nic, barbecue and a solid weighing post are provided. We recommend using rod pods on this swims as the ground is hard.

A landing mat is provided for each swim, as the use of your own mat is not permitted.

The swim allows for fishing extreme margins if you decide to fish the weir and close to the wall that separates the lake from the road. In this area the bed of the lake is very hard consisting mainly of large stones and rocks, which abut the wall and project out about 1 to 2 m.

The swim allows you to present your rigs at the end of the wall under the oak trees that overhang the lake. The lakebed here is very hard and consists of gravel and stones. This is an area where large fish can be found close to the edge. There are no fallen branches in the water but the presence of granite rocks and especially mussels requires strong tackle. (Important: the use of braided or lead-core is not permitted).

Swim 1 offers the angler a large expanse of open water with an average depth of 2.3 m most of which has a silt bed although with careful probing less silty and even gravelled hot-spots can be identified.

Swim 1 is recognised as being one of the most productive swims.

Swim 2

 Swim 2 offers exactly the same logistic facilities as Swim 1. It offers the possibility of renting an equipped chalet, a rowing boat, all under the same conditions as for Swim 1. This swim is at the southern end of the lake. It can comfortably accommodate two anglers.

It allows access to a large expanse of lake and for fishing at over 100m. There is shallow water for the first couple of metres so waders might be required for landing fish. After the first couple of metres the water depth drops quickly to around 2m. For the first 25m the lakebed is very firm covered in stone and silt in some areas. Thereafter the further you get away from the lake edge the lakebed becomes silt; some areas can be claye and some more firm. Echo sounding can help locate these often-good spots. Further out the water depth averages at around 2.30m with a maximum depth of 3m. To the right of the swim there is a small summertime lily pad. Goes without saying that fishing around the pads is good but as ever, take care not to get tangled up in the lilies.

The proximity of the lilies requires discretion and reactivity. The lily bed has a maximum depth of 2m and the bed is relatively firm. We recommend the use of rod pods as the ground is firm.

Swim 2 allows you to cast the other side of the bay in direction of swim 3 to the north. This margin offers you a drop off that goes from 0m to 2.70m within 10m from the bank over 5m wide. The slope is mostly covered with small stones and at the bottom sand and gravel and then into silt. This area is not to be ignored!

Swim 2 had a reputation of being difficult but over the past two years it has seen some large specimen fish landed.


Swim 3

Swim 3 is located at the centre of the south side of the lake. Situated amongst fir trees has lots of space for two angles and their biwies. It is requested that having unloaded their gear, anglers’ vehicles are then parked by the clubhouse.

The swim is ideally located at a pointy where the lake narrows and has excellent views across the whole of the lake. The pine trees offer shade and the feeling if being at one with nature is much enjoyed by anglers. A picnic table, a barbecue, and a wooden weigh post are also available at the swim. As with all the swims, landing mat with weigh sling is also supplied. The clubhouse and amenities is just 3-minutes walk away.

Regarding the fishing, the swim is very popular as it offers the opportunity to cast to the middle of the lake and also to fish the drop off to the left that extends from swim 2.

The middle of the lake has an average depth of approximately 2.10m with a flat and mainly firm bed; sandy areas within which are renowned hot spots.

The drop at the left side of the swim falls quickly to a depth or more than 2.5m. The area is very hard with gravel patches. The areas towards the middle of the lake and the edges are very clean with no obstacles.

Swim 3 has seen great action over weekly periods every year and large fish are landed regularly. Swim 3 is for those who like a calm and natural environment.

Swim 4

Swim 4 is the last swim accessed from the south side of the lake. It is also located amongst the pine trees in the corner of the lake. It is a very popular swim in a natural environment. It accommodates easily two anglers with all the amenities of the other swims (picnic tables, barbecue, weighing posts, weigh sling and landing mat). It is requested that having unloaded their gear, anglers’ vehicles are then parked by the clubhouse. The clubhouse and amenities is just 3-minutes walk away.

This swims positioning with its pine trees and at the foot of the hill gives a real feeling of immersion with nature.

Swim 4 is ideal for those that like to fish in the open water by casting or using baiting boat (either their own or one rented from us). In front of the swim clear open water is at your disposal with a bed that slopes gently to a depth of 2.10m with some hard areas. On the right side of the swim anglers can fish along their own margins or towards the other bank created by the angle with swim 5. All this area is shallow but the bed is of gravelled and small stones. Note that at about 40m along the bank there is a large granite rock in the water. The bank leading to swim 5 includes reeded area in front of which there is a large stretch of sand. On average, the depth at the swim varies between 2 to 2.8m. Finally, it is possible with the use of a bait boat to fish in front of the lily pad located between swim 4 and 5.

Swim 4 is ideal for long stays for one or two anglers.


Swim 5

Swim 5 is located in the tail of the lake at its north end. It is the only swim on the north bank amongst the pine trees. It is a swim quite isolated from the others.

The swim is fenced off with a gated access. Located at the end of a country lane where vehicles cannot remain parked anglers having unloaded their gear should return their vehicles to the clubhouse and Michel will drive the back to the swim. As with all swims a picnic table, barbecue, weighing post, weigh sling and landing mat are provide.

You must be equipped with waders orwelly boots on all of to land  your fish safely  thank you

The swim is ideal for a single angler with 2 or 3 rods. However, it is possible that two anglers share the swim with two rods each. The particularity of the swim is that the fishing zone is limited by the presence of the lily pad.

In front of the swim are two elongated lily pads, one to the left and one to the right, stretching out at least 100m towards open water. The lily pads create a corridor of open water ranging form 30 to 50m wide. The lily pad to the right is about 15m wide, by contrast the lily pad to the left is far wider, it is therefore possible to fish the whole length of the two pads.

Swim 5 is well known as a favoured spot with the lake’s carp during the good season and large specimens are often landed. However, the lily pads can make landing the fish difficult and getting snagged can be a regular occurrence. It is therefore best to use a strong lead in nylon.

It is not essential to fish the edges of the lily pad, the corridor formed by the two pads can also be productive.

The depth is from around 1.2m to a maximum of 2m. The bed is relatively firm. It is not possible to fish the bank to the right of the swim because of the lily pad and the shallowness of the water on that side.

Swim 5 is recommended for a single angler staying fairly short-term. It is a swim that provides a good catch but with perhaps smaller specimens. Nevertheless, large fish have been caught here each year.


Swim 6

Swim 6 is one of three swims that allow fishing from the north bank of the lake.

The swim is unique at the site as it is the only swim where fishing is strictly from a wooden pontoon stretching out over the lake by about 15m. Bivvies should be erected on the bank and therefore a bite detector is OBLIGORATY. The pontoon is large enough to accommodate two rod-pods each with 3 rods. If you don’t have a rod-pod don’t worry, we have equipped the pontoon with basic pods upon which you can anchor your own Buzz Bar.

The area for setting up the bivy is vast. Barbecue, weighing post, picnic table, weigh sling and landing mat are provided

The south easterly facing aspect means the swim benefits from sunshine most of the day but especially in the mornings; a real plus on cold days.

Located on the opposite side of the lake from the amenities and clubhouse, they can be reached by cycle or car in about 3 minutes by following the road around the lake.

This part of the lake is fenced and gated and the key will be made available to anglers upon their arrival. Vehicles can be kept by the swim in the area provide.

The existence of the pontoon indicates that the water is shallow to about 40m from the bank. The pontoon is solidly built to allow safe fishing.

The fishing area is large with many options. To the left it is possible to fish the lily pads, which are often very productive. The area is relatively shallow. The end of the pontoon offers a larger fishing area varying in depth form 80cm at the foot of the pontoon to 2.4 m to the boundaries of swims 3 and 4. The lakebed is relatively firm with some areas of silt of varying consistency. This is an area where the carp travel between the lily pads and the open water in order to feed.

Swim 6 is one of the most sought after at Vaulaurent. Over the past few years the swim has landed many specimens with two record catches in 2016. Great fishing can be enjoyed all year round but especially in spring and early autumn.



Swim 7

Swim 7 is located at the centre of the North bank of the lake. It is a large swim capable of accommodating easily 2 anglers.

The camping is well shaded.

As with the other swims barbecue, weighing post, weigh sling and landing mat are all provided.

Close-by is a designated parking area.

The swim gives access exclusively to the open-water of the lake, which stretches out over 120 m in front of you. The lake is quite shallow up to a distance of about 40-50m, which means that waders are almost essential to facilitate all aspects of fishing. At this point the depth is about 1m but towards the middle of the lake reaching around 2m. The consistency of the lakebed is fairly constant and very firm. There is very little silt and the bed consists mainly of a sort of clay. As you advance with waders it is easy to feel, beneath your feet, the indentations left by the carp whilst feeding close to the swim! It’s really quite impressive. The area is mainly clear but there are the odd stone here and there. To the right of the swim and along the bank, there is a lily pad, which can provide good fishing. It’s closeness to the swim and shallowness demands a subtle approach but carp are often caught n this area.

Swim 7 is without doubt a place where the carp transit and feed so timing is important and good ground baiting is required to keep the carp in this area during their frequent visits to feed.

The swim is relatively difficult to fish and as a result is generally less popular than others. However, some exceptional catches have been made with big fish caught here very year.  The lake record, a carp of over 30kg was caught fro m this swim in November 2017 and a distance of around 80m.


Swim 8

Swim 8 is the last swim on the north bank of the lake at an angle to the west.

Access is the same as for swim 6 and 7. Like all the others the swim can accommodate 2 angles and all their gear. A barbecue (without grilling tray), weighing post, weigh sling and landing mat are all provided.

Close-by is a designated parking area behind the swim.

The amenities (clubhouse etc) are on the other side of the lake at a 7-8 minute walk or 2-minute drive.

The orientation of the swim means that it gets the sun from early morning to mid-afternoon, which make it ideal for winter stays. Equally, in summer, the numerous trees offer good and cooling shade.

The swim offers the main characteristics as swims 7 and 8, that is that the first 40-50 m is quite shallow (between 50cm and 1.30m). The lakebed drops away slowly and is very clean. Further out it is possible to fish up to 140m from the bank in a huger area of open water.

The swim is in a corner of the lake and it is possible to fish an area of the bank where trees and bushes overhang the lake. This area is not to be ignored. For the first few metres from the bank the lakebed is very firm with some gravel and small stones. Please note that just past the corner is a concrete pipe through which some of the water in the lake is supplied.

In summer, lily pads off to the right provide excellent potential.

Generally, the swim covers and area where carp are often found nearly all year round, as the water is often warmer being sheltered form the prevailing westerly winds. It is in this area that the carp can often be seen to gather especially at night.

The shallowness of the first part of the swim means that waders are strongly recommended in order to advance into the lake. For those who wish to fish the banks below the overhanging branches, a bait boat (either your own or hired form us) is recommended for accurate lying of bait.

Swim 8 is very popular and good specimens are often landed and offers many different options to the carp fisherman. 




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