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Please read these rules carefully before your trip to Vaulaurent. Failure to adhere to any of the following may result in eviction from the lake without any refund or compensation.


1. A Morbihan (Southern Brittany) federal fishing permit or an interfederal permit (Carte de pêche – is required to fish at Vaulaurent. You must show this to either the owner or the bailiff before you start fishing. The federal guards as well as the National Gendarmerie may visit to check permits. You can also buy the permits on-site.
2. Both day and night fishing are allowed. Under no circumstances must any species be killed. NO KILL.
3. It is STRICTLY forbidden to sack fish. However, if you’re on your own and you catch a ‘trophy fish’ (over 25kg/55lbs), we will allow sacking for a few minutes whilst you call the manager to come down and help you. If the manager does not answer the phone or is not available, the fish must be released immediately. Transporting fishing from Vaulaurent to another private or public water will become a police matter.
4. Only green or camo bivvies and brollies are to be used.
5. Excessive consumption of alcohol is forbidden. Any form of drugs are not allowed.
6. You must vacate your swim before midday on the last day of your trip. We also demand our customers to let us know their arrival times with in the 24h before arriving. 
7. Visitors are allowed from 9am – 9pm during the summer, and from 9am – 7pm in the winter.
8. No swimming in the lake.
9. Vaulaurent is not responsible in the event of any theft or damage to your personal belongings, equipment or vehicles.
10. For your own safety, we reserve the right at any time to temporarily suspend either fishing, or putting up bivvies (e.g. a red alert from Météo France for severe storms, heavy rain, extreme heat, snow, thunder, etc). This also applies for unanticipated weather events.


1. One angler per swim with a maximum of 4 rods.
2. If two anglers are sharing a swim, there are to be no more than 6 rods in total.
3. Rods must not be left unattended under any circumstances. (swim 6 is set on a pontoon, a receiver for your bite alarms is mandatory.)
4. Each swim has a designated fishing area with markor poles in the water. The designated fishing area must be resppected EVEN if the neighbor swim isn’t occupied. If a dispute between two parties, the manager will decide who is in the wrong.  If this rule isn’t respected you maybe kicked off the lake immediatly.
5.Landing mats and slings are provided on each swim, please do not bring your own. There are also weighing posts on each swim.
6. It is obligatory to be equipped with a medical carp kit (Like korda med kit) and must be used when and where necessary. 

7. You must be equipped with waders on all of our swims to land your  fish safely.
8. Have a bucket of water ready at all times ready for when you land a fish.
9. Fish are to be out of the water for as short a time as possible. Once a photo is a taken, the fish must be released immediately. As per rule A-3, sacking is prohibited.
10. Coated Braided hooklinks are allowed. You may uncoat your braided hooklink from the eye of the hook as long as it is less than a cm long.
11.Braided maineline, lead core and leadless leaders are forbidden.
12. Fluorocarbon or Nylon safe zone leaders are allowed.
13. Single, micro-barbed and barbless hooks only (sizes 4, 6 or 8).
14. All particles must be prepared and cooked properly.
16. Use of personal rowing boats and Zodiacs are strictly forbidden. Rowing boats are available for rent on swims 1 and 2 and are for daytime use only. Rowing boats are to be used for baiting up and dropping rigs. Use of personal electric motors and echo sounders are permitted. Life jackets are mandatory.
17. Baitboats are allowed.
18. Any type of compressed air bait throwers are forbidden. Spods and similar are allowed in moderation.
19. Use of projector halogen lights are not permitted. For the comfort of other anglers.

FISH SAFETY : All fish must be treated with respect. Fish above 30lbs must be handle a certain way: Once the fish has been netted please try to unhook the fish in the net. If not possible, please detach your hooklink. Once unhooked please roll the net up making sure the fins of the fisher are perfectly flat against the body. After doing so, please take the weigh sling and slide it under keeping the fish in the water at all times. Check again whilst putting tension on the sling that the fins are flat. Now you may close officially the sling. Please make sure your landing mat is beside the waters edge if not in the water with you (floating mats provided). Lift the fish from the water into the mat slowly. All transport of the fish out of the water must be done with the landing mat AND weigh sling. Any fish above 40lbs we suggest handling in the water. You must have a bucket of water at all times to wet your mats and the fish regularly. If any of these rules are not respected, you may be kicked off the lake. 


1. The use of the showers and toilets are free depending on how many non-anglers are with you on your trip. These facilities must remain clean.
2. Fridges, freezers, a microwave, a coffee maker, a hob and a sink are available at the Club House. All of these must be cleaned after being used. WiFi is available at the Club House, we will give you the password when you arrive.
3. English and French plugs are available in the Club House.                                                     

5. For 2022 we will hopefuly be able to sell boilies on site. Please contact us in advance concerning bait. 
6. After you have sent us your catch photos, they will then go on our Facebook page and website, so please let us know if you do not want yours published.
7. Once you have unloaded all of your gear, for swims 3,4,5 your vehicle must be driven back to the provided car park. Exceptions can be made for disabled guests.
8. Each swim is equipped with a table and a barbecue (grill not supplied) (not to be used for campfires). Customers staying a week may bring their dog with them but all dog droppings must be picked up and put into the bin. 
9. Each swim has a bin for general rubbish, and a bin for recycling. On your arrival a deposit (25.00euros) will be demanded to insure your rubbish will be properly selected and recycled into the containers we provide. This also insures any damage made to the gear supplied by the owner and also to make sure the swims are left the same way you found them. 
10. All swims must be kept tidy.
11. You must not cut or destroy any of the plants or vegetation on or around the swims.
12. You must not destroy any part of the swims (e.g. dig up banks, dig holes).

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