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Etang du Vaulaurent can supply you with shelf life URBANBAITS Boilies.

We offer two flavours Nutcracker and Tuna Garlic in 14,18 and 22 mm. Pop-ups, dips and a booster are also available on site.

We are not suggesting that these baits are miracle baits however they are tried and tested by our regular clients, with great results. These Boilies work just as well at Etang du Vaulaurent as in public waters.

URBAN BAITS Boilies are a very high quality bait, recognized all over Europe. We offer you these Boilies at a reasonable price of  9 € per kg or 8€ per Kg in 5kg bags.



  Hempseed (Cooked) : 4€ / Kg

  Toasted Grains ( Mixture of different cooked grains) : 2,50€ / Kg

  Baby Corn Pellets ( 100% corn ) : 2,50€ / Kg

  Hemp Pellets (100% Hempseed) : 2,50€ / Kg

  Hempseed oil ( 100% hempseed– no additives) : 17€ / litre

All products are grown and processed in France.


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